Thursday, July 14, 2011

Obtaining A Driver's License In Indiana

In recent years, Indiana's Bureau of Motor Vehicles has significantly tightened up the requirements for obtaining a driver's license, which has meant certain aliens who may have previously been able to obtain a driver's license issued by the state of Indiana will no longer be able to renew or obtain a driver's license. There are four categories of documents you will need to produce in order to obtain a driver's license in Indiana:

  • A document proving your identity;
  • A document proving your social security number;
  • A document proving your lawful status in the United States; and
  • At least two documents proving you are a resident of the state of Indiana.
There are several acceptable forms you may use to prove your identity, including: a U.S. birth certificate; a U.S. passport; a foreign passport containing your non-immigrant visa and I-94 arrival record; a consular report of child of a U.S. citizen born abroad; an employment authorization card issued by USCIS; a naturalization certificate issued by the U.S. government; or any other document issued by an agency of the federal government to show identity and lawful status.

To prove your social security number, you can present a social security card with your name and number, a W-2 IRS form, a 1099 IRS form or a pay stub that includes your name and social security number.

To prove you are a resident of Indiana, you may use any number of forms of evidence, including present a voter registration card, a utility bill or other bills addressed to you at your Indiana residence, bank account statements addressed to you at your Indiana residence, a mortgage or lease document for your Indiana residence, or pay stubs or tax forms showing your Indiana residence.

If you are an alien, you can prove your lawful status in the U.S. by presenting a permanent resident card, an unexpired foreign passport with an unexpired non-immigrant visa and I-94 arrival record, an I-797 Notice of Action form issued by USCIS or proof of application for asylum status in the United States using Form I-589.

You can use the same forms of evidence to obtain a valid identification card from the BMV should you not desire to have a driver's license or are otherwise ineligible to hold a driver's license due to past driving offenses or certain medical conditions.

I would offer a word of caution to any alien visiting a BMV branch in Indiana to obtain a driver's license. If you are asked by a employee if you would like to fill out a form to register to vote, please say no. You MUST be a U.S. citizen in order to register to vote. Registering to vote and/or casting a vote if you are not a U.S. citizen is a violation of the law that could have serious ramifications that could affect your current or future status, including removal from the country. A conviction for unlawful voting is not required in order to deny you an immigration benefit.

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  1. With this new law that will take place in a couple months do you believe that we may be able to obtain a drivers license through the dream act that was passed ?