Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beware Of Immigration Websites

The USCIS has a warning to the public about immigration websites on the Internet pretending to be official websites that assist you in completing immigration forms. Applicants are paying fees they believe are actually going to pay their filing fees when in fact they are being pocketed by the website's operators. From a USCIS press release:

Some private websites that charge to prepare immigration forms mimic the look and feel of official government sites, leading users to mistakenly believe they are dealing directly with the government and paying USCIS fees. Many copycat sites add to the confusion by charging applicants the same amount for preparing an immigration form that USCIS charges for filing that same form.

As a result, some applicants have sent forms to USCIS without submitting the filing fees. These applicants mistakenly believed they had paid the USCIS filing fee when they paid the private firm for preparing the forms.